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What's New at OU Aviation?

Student Organizations


2016-2017 American Association of Airport Executives Officers

President: Ashlyn Tyrrell

Vice President: Tanner White

Treasurer: John Hanna

Secretary:  Dannelle Beecham

Faculty Advisor: Walt Strong


2016-2017 Sooner Aviation Club Officers

President: Sadaf Imani

Vice President: Victoria Annable

Secretary: Mark Thiel

Treasurer: Kort Rippentrop

Historian: Thomas Warren

Faculty Advisor: Ken Carson


2016-2017 Sooner Air Traffic Control Association

President: Jeremy White

Vice President: Matt Grimes

Secretary: Braden Sanchez

Treasurer: Austyn Kennedy

Historian: Daniel Johnston

Faculty Advisor: Steve West


2016-2017 NIFA

Coach: Stefan Derewetzky   Co-Captains: Keisha Holback & Kort Rippentrop


NIFA Flying Sooners: Susan Amstutz, Victoria Annable, Jared Hollandsworth, Charles Howell,

Brennan Jackson, Billy Kreikemeier, Sadaf Imani, Cameron Morgan, Zach Podrecca, Nicolas Pugh,

Patricia Serrano, Scott Shankland Jr, Brent Spann, Mark Thiel, Michael Tonielli, Charnell Walls, & Tanner White


Faculty: Bryce Bailey & Steve Jaffurs



Awards and Scholarships


Richard Van Horn Flight Fee Waiver:

Sadaf Imani (Fall 2016)

Mark Thiel (Fall 2016)


Bill Christiansen Aviation Flight Scholarship:

Keisha Holback (Fall 2016)

Joshua Lenz (Fall 2016)


Winifred Adams Holland Scholarship:

Sadaf Imani (Fall 2016)


Dan & Melissa Hesselius CFI Scholarship:

Keisha Holback (Fall 2016)


Flight Time Scholarship:

Nicholas Brummund (Fall 2016)


Joe Coulter Scholarship:

Nicolas Pugh (Fall 2016)


James M. Cook Memorial Scholarship:

William Harjo (Fall 2016)


Stick-N-Rudder Award:

Adam Cannon (Fall 2016)


AAAE Outstanding Member:

Brandon Tucker (2016)


Sooner Aviation Club Outstanding Member:

Susan Amstutz (2016)


Sooner Air Traffic Control Association Outstanding Member:

Jin Young Gong (2016


Continuing Education Aviation Outstanding Senior:

Keisha Holback 2016-2017


Aviation Internships

Summer 2015:

Ashlynn Tyrell ~ Max Westheimer Airport
Coit Garrison ~ Guthrie Edmond Regional Airport
Alanna Moore ~ Enid Airport
Kendall Loy-Rhoades ~ DFW Airport
Scott Shankland, Jr. ~ DFW Airport
Stefan Derewetzky ~ Alaska Airlines
Lance Lamkin ~ AAAE in Washington, D.C.
Nicolas Vachon ~ FAA OKC ATCT Internship
Phoenix Scrimshaw ~ Tinker Air Force Base Airfield Operations


Spring 2016:

Kort Rippentrop ~ Southwest Airlines


Summer 2016:

Danelle Beecham ~ Max Westheimer Airport
Joye Luu ~ Guthrie Edmond Regional Airport
Susan Amstutz ~ Wal-Mart Corporate Flight Dept.
John Hanna ~ AAAE in Washington, D.C.

Andrea Lopez-Jiminez ~ AAAE in Washington, D.C.
Ashlynn Tyrell ~ AAAE in Washington, D.C.

OU Aviation ~ A leader in quality flight training, safety, and excellence.
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