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Welcome to OU Aviation!

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The University of Oklahoma Aviation Program prides itself on being one of the best schools for students looking for quality aviation instruction and a bachelor’s degree from a nationally known institution. As part of the university’s College of Continuing Education, the Aviation Department has provided quality aviation education since 1947. 

The University subscribes to the highest standards of international aviation academic rigor, safety and quality standards.  

All four of OU's Aviation Bachelor of Science degree concentration programs are accredited by the national and international Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI).   AABI member universities and accredited programs subscribe to the highest educational standards found within collegiate aviation and open themselves up to peer review and assessment on a continuing basis. AABI is a specialized accrediting agency which is a member of CHEA (Council of Higher Education Accreditation).  AABI is the only specialized accrediting  agency responsible for academic accreditation of aviation and aerospace educational programs. The University of Oklahoma is an educator member of AABI.  OU is also an educator member of the University Aviation Association (UAA).


Aviation Accrediting Board International

University Aviation Association


Four Areas of Concentration to Choose From

The University of Oklahoma Aviation Department offers a Bachelor of Science Degree with four concentrations to choose from:

Professional Pilot - concentration prepares students through a multi-engine, commercial rating while also requiring an additional communication course, Turbine Transition, and Crew Resource Management.

Aviation Management - concentration trains students to be commercial pilots while also including a general business minor. Students can use their free electives to gain additional flight experience if they so desire.

Non-Flying Aviation Management - concentration prepares those students who do not wish to enter the industry as a pilot, but who wish to meet the growing demands for management positions within the aviation industry. The FAA states there are five non-flying aviation jobs for every one pilot in the sky. This option offers a general business minor upon completion.

Air Traffic Management - concentration trains students for the exciting and lucrative career opportunities in the Air Traffic Control profession.  In addition to the general education and business coursework, completion of this degree qualifies students for AT-CTI candidacy for Air Traffic Control positions with the FAA, Lockheed Martin AFSS and others. This program is unique in that it provides training in every possible ATC venue:  Air Traffic Control Tower Operator, Enroute Non-Radar and Radar Training, Terminal Radar Training, Traffic Management and Flight Service.  Once the Aviation Bachelor of Science degree has been completed, OU Aviation will recommend the student to the FAA for hiring as an Air Traffic Controller. To be eligible, one may not have reached his/her 31st birthday.

All four of the Bachelor of Science in professional studies degree concentrations have a strong business focus to prepare students to function efficiently in the business world of aviation or other related jobs. Learn more about the OU's Aviation Areas of Concentration.

Aviation Minor Options

We now offer minor options in Aviation. Options are available for Single-Engine Commercial Pilot, Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot, Air Traffic Control, and Aviation Management. Get your pilot certificate and class credit!

About OU Aviation

Through programs offered by OU’s Department of Aviation, you will be provided with an excellent foundation that will prepare you for professional aviation. In addition to being very student–centered, OU also has one of the best safety records in the nation. This means students train in the safest environment possible.

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OU airplaneAdditionally, thirteen new Piper Warrior III airplanes were purchased (University OUTREACH - February 2005) for the OU Aviation Department. The planes replaced its almost 30-year-old fleet. The new single-engine planes feature cutting-edge technology, such as Global Positioning Systems, that students need to learn to use to be competitive in the aviation industry. Two of the planes will utilize the Avidyne Entegra Integrated Flight Deck. These “glass cockpit” configurations feature flight instruments and gauges on two large, television-like screens.

OU Aviation ~ A leader in quality flight training, safety, and excellence.
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